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Dorothy Bentley - Jewellery Artist

Dorothy Bentley - Jewellery Artist

Dorothy Bentley learned the art of Lost Wax Sculpting in Venice Beach, California. Dorothy moved back to Ireland in 2008 and created Dorothy Bentley Jewellery Design to showcase her jewellery. Her designs are inspired by her upbringing in the celtic tradition and by megalithic symbols, especially the spiral symbols at Newgrange.

Dorothy features interlace knotwork and spirals (infinity symbols) in her jewellery, because these designs incorporate an ancient tradition with a uniquely modern style. Every piece is handcrafted and unique. The Celtic knots, twisted, plaited and interwoven in an endless flow represent the spiritual unbroken "thread of Life". More ...
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Newgrange Guardian Stone pendant
Modern variation of the Newgrange Guardian Stone pendant - Triangle with simplified tri-spiral in sterling silver.

Newgrange Guardian Stone
Newgrange Guardian Stone - Representation of the Newgrange Guardian Stone in sterling silver.

Celtic Lacework bracelet
Celtic Lacework bracelet in sterling silver with toggle clasp.

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Boyne Valley Tours
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