Newgrange and the New Science

Newgrange and the New ScienceKieran Comerford, an engineer by training spent eight years investigating the purpose for which Newgrange was built. He concluded that this Neolithic World Heritage Site in the Boyne Valley, County Meath, represented the culmination of a huge project which began in County Sligo and progressed south-eastwards through a series of developments.

Each of these intermediate monuments became more sophisticated and Newgrange represented the perfection of an ancient technology which has been lost. Newgrange was not built just to tell the time of the winter solstice. It functioned throughout the year and the science and technology behind its main purpose is revealed in this book Newgrange and the New Science.

Bringing together knowledge from a wide range of sources Kieran explains how we can understand and benefit from this "New Science", but science itself, as we know it, must change to accommodate these old, and now rediscovered ideas.

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Review by Peter Cowman of the Living Architecture Centre

Under the title Newgrange and the New Science author Kieran Comerford lures us inside that eponymous Neolithic giant of the Boyne Valley, illuminating its darkness with intuition and skilful insight. As probing as any solstitial light event, this timeless experience leads us from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the present to the past – then back again. When we finally emerge from this incredible journey it is to discover that our consciousness has shifted allowing us to experience the world afresh.

No time is wasted or sacred cow spared. Male domination is dispatched so swiftly we hardly have time to catch a breath. Next, the world as we know it is deconstructed as we spiral off into space-time, cruising the invisible realms of emptiness and atoms, gravity and dark matter. From this high altitude we are invited not only to experience the world anew but to feel its vibrations deep within ourselves.

Before we know it the earth moves once more beneath our feet! Crustal displacement shifts the poles, changing our perspective and laying the foundations of modern civilisation and the science which dominates it. Vision quests, devas, orgone energy, elemental beings or magical ritual have no place in this world. We experience this absence as emptiness. To fill this void we must balance reason with intuition, opening the wellspring of knowing within our hearts.

Intention is the key to renewing ourselves and resonating with the Universe. It is by such means that we can order our world and orient ourselves meaningfully within it. A paradigm shift of this nature is well within our grasp. Kieran Comerford clearly shows us the way. The epitome of the 'modern man' – learned, insightful, loving and considerate – he reaches out a hand which we should immediately grasp. Buy and read this book, change your life and the world will soon follow.

Peter Cowman BArch.,
Living Architecture Centre

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