Loughcrew Equinox Dawn March 2009

The OPW (Office of Public Works) will have staff in attendance at Cairn T, Loughcrew on the mornings
of Friday March 20th, Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd from 6.15am until 7.30am.

Admission to the Chamber of Cairn T is free of charge.

As the chamber is quite small, only 5 or 6 people can be inside at a time. Visitors are requested
to stay inside for only a few minutes so that everyone can get a chance to visit.

It can be very cold at the Equinox dawn so dress warmly with layers of clothing.
The 10 minute walk up the hill can be very slippery, boots with good grip are recommended.

An Organic Breakfast is available at the nearby Loughcrew Gardens coffee shop from 7.30am onwards.

Loughcrew Video - Spring Equinox 2005

The progress of the sunbeam on the backstone inside Cairn T at Loughcrew was video recorded at sunrise on the morning of March 23rd 2005. The 50 minute video has been compressed to 1 minute 46 seconds and included in the following YouTube Video.

Loughcrew Video - Spring Equinox 2005

Loughcrew Equinox Sunbeam
Still photograph from the 2005 Spring Equinox | More photographs

Equinox Reflection by Sally McKenna

Loughcrew Cairn T by Sally McKenna The present day psyche is drawn to the inscriptions on ancient stones. As the Earth moves into a crisis phase we more and more understand the ancestral links to the inner chambers of the mounds. We see green bellies rising from the land with entrances guarded by stones that have to be crawled over before going inside.

Step over this stone and go into a space of deep slumber or deep awakening. These builders are not the people who wanted to subjugate the Earth, to tame it. We would grow into those people, who would come later. Now in 2008 there is a desire to return to that time of innate personal rhythm with the seasons. Equinox Reflection by Sally McKenna

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