Paintings by Patricia Mc Ateer - Inspired by Ancient Ireland

Etain at Clontigora
Etain - Acrylic on heavy paper
The daughter of a fairy lord and she lived with Midr for a year at Brú na Bóinne
after which Midr's wife put a spell on her changing her into a butterfly.

Clontigora Night
Clontigora Night - Acrylic on canvas with semi precious stones
A royal court tomb in Co. Armagh, it is a beautiful court cairn sited
in an area full of spectacular views and has it's own fairy tree.

Cailleach at Loughcrew
Cailleach Reclining Loughcrew - Acrylic on canvas
She represents healers of the past waiting for dawn to enter the mound. Patricia has covered
the mound with crushed quartz and semi precious stones carve the cairn to the front.

Knowth Stone Basin
Knowth Basin Stone - Acrylic on canvas
Patricia used Hematite (grounding and protective) in the same shape of the
carving on the stone, with goldstone - joy and rose quartz - peace.

Patricia Mc Ateer - Artist

Patricia is from Dundalk and is now living in Omeath, Co. Louth. Her work is contemporary visual in acrylic and mixed media and her use of colour is essential, not only in the paintings but because colour, movement and light remind her that legends and mythology lay the foundation for cultures very different from us and yet at the same time very similar to us on some inner level.

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Patricia Mc Ateer - Artist

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